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Convinced to try exposure therapy to rid themselves of lingering trauma, seven final girls set out to spend one night in an isolated cabin in the woods.


In every slasher movie, the final girl is the one who survives and defeats the masked killer. But what happens to that survivor?


Seven women, each of whom survived their own slasher nightmare, spend one night together in the woods as part of their group therapy.


They're heavily-armed and excessively prepared for any trouble, but they're being tracked by the ultimate masked killer who wants to hunt the best of the best. Tonight, only one will survive.


We’re looking through the eyes of a vicious MASKED SERIAL KILLER, surveying the scene of his latest conquest.


Amidst decorations lie bodies of bachelorettes strewn all over a downstairs area. We creep up the stairs, knife in hand, following the sound of running water. We discover a shower running in a bathroom. Breathing heavily, we draw back the curtain to discover… no one. We’ve been baited into a trap.


We’re suddenly smacked over the head with a frying pan by JENNY as we topple to ground… to be finished off in a fury of terror and rage.


Six months later, Jenny is still traumatized by the massacre of her friends, and to make matters worse, the police think she may have accidentally killed an innocent man instead of her slayer. Concerned with her PTSD, Jenny’s therapist convinces her to take part in group sessions and eventually an exposure therapy program. To rid themselves of the lingering trauma, seven female survivors will spend one night in a cabin of their choosing, armed with every imaginable weapon as well as police protection. Funded by a pharmaceutical research program, they’ll each be compensated a large sum for volunteering – just in case any of them have doubts.


The women, in separate rented vehicles, caravan a day’s drive to their chosen location where they set up all of the CCTV cameras, adding locks and alarm connections. When they begin to recount their past tragedies, the stories cause some unexpected emotion, even fighting between them. Fed up, one of the women leaves. Suddenly, their protections begin to go dark. The cameras go blank. The cell service is jammed. Trying to defend themselves from a clever invader, the girls are brutally killed one by one in a repeat, horrific massacre. It’s down to Jenny and one other girl who are able to do just enough to keep themselves alive.


The next morning the two survivors are rescued and sheltered in an FBI building, surrounded by an army of agents as the authorities set up a massive manhunt. Three days pass, when a power outage hits the block. Under a cloud of pandemonium, the killer gains access to the building and eventually the survivors, revealing himself as Jenny's original attacker. He had set up the caretaker to take the blame. A bloody brawl between them ensues, Jenny gaining the upper hand, making sure that this time there won’t be anyone else coming for her ever again.


A distinct and significant cost-benefit that makes our project categorically bankable, merchandisable and commercial.


At some point in the film, each character tells the group her story. We'll explore these visually as flashback short films. Each flashback will recall a famous serial killer archetype. Unique from one another and entertaining as standalone snippets, these flashbacks will be instantly recognizable to audiences as the famous pop-culture films they've seen and watched for years (think Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, The Fisherman). The flashback short films will also be instrumental in viral marketing campaigns as well as special features - adding value on top of value.


Blonde, beautiful, young and popular, JENNY had it all. She had recently graduated Magna Cum Laude and was accepted to an Ivy League law school. That was, until the night of her best friend’s bachelorette party. They had rented a villa in wine country, when the house was attacked by a silent masked lunatic with a kitchen knife. She survived, but her composure didn’t. She had to drop out of school due to her uncontrollable PTSD.


Between self-defense classes and combat training, she suffers recurring nightmares, anxiety attacks and constant panic. Her apartment is an unimaginable cache of weapons behind multiple padlocks, bars and motion detectors. It’s no way to live.


Loud, mouthy, and bold, CATALINA fended off a pitchfork-wielding Killer Clown, with a propensity for gutting his victims after luring them from the nearby carnival. She blasted the contents of a nail gun directly into his head before threatening to shoot a carnival worker for not immediately turning off the carousel music. She takes zero shit, is obsessed with guns, and has already planned how she’ll spend her money.


Australian extreme sports enthusiast KENDRA battled a “Leatherface” assailant, who wielded a chainsaw while wearing a mask sewn together from pieces of human flesh.

Kendra fled across outback terrain, until finally vanquishing him in a barn with a spinning metal angle grinder. She’s capitalized on her survival fame by transitioning from sports to the safety of social media.


Shy and retreating ALICE fought “The Hookman” who had a predilection for picking off his victims with his pirate-like hook for a hand. The innovative Alice snuck up behind the one-handed killer and gave him a taste of his own medicine, driving a hanging meat hook through his eye and pushing his screaming body off a dock. You’ll either catch her in the library or the shooting range.


Cynical, dry and a bit more masculine than the others. EVA escaped the nefarious clutches of the hockey mask-wearing “Machete Killer,” who armed himself with two machetes at a time and whose exploits were later made into a movie. Eva discovered the killer lying in wait for her inside her own car outside a log cabin overlooking a cliff (after dispensing of all her friends), then locked the Killer inside and shoved the car over the edge. It’s clear she doesn’t really want to be a part of the therapy and is just here for the money.


Shell-shocked alcoholic MAGGIE had to fend off a homicidal toy store Santa Claus who slaughtered her entire family when she was just eight years old. She accomplished this by strategically throwing a bear trap onto Santa’s face, crushing his skull. Now she relives this every night, but especially during the jolliest time of the year. Drugs and booze are her weapon of choice now.


Guilt-wracked JULIETTE decapitated her masked monster with a little help from chains wrapped around his neck, dragged by her car. Her attacker wore a vintage soldier's helmet, gas protector over his mouth, and carried a rifle with a bayonet in one hand plus chains in the other. Don’t be fooled by her soft voice and feminine nature. She’s heavily armed and can snap if you raise your voice.



Christopher Landon


Budget: $5 million

World Gross: $15 million



David Gordon Green


Budget: $10 million


World Gross: $255 million



Jordan Peele

Budget: $4.5 million

World Gross: $255 million



Christopher Landon


Budget: $4.8 million


World Gross: $125 million


Directors: Matt
Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillett


Budget: $6 million


World Gross: $57 million





The brazen and glaring Danielle Harris erupted onto screens as the niece of prolifically evil Michael Myers in the Halloween films of the 80’s and 90’s. Following with memorable roles in pop-culture icons such as Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, Free Willy and Roseanne, along with thriller hits Urban Legend and the Hatchet film series. Harris has spent three decades carving her own legacy and brand in the horror world.




Joe Dante is no stranger at making people howl. When it comes to bona fides, Dante’s unimpeachable filmography as director and producer spans several decades of terrific tales, all told with plenty of stylistic flourish and pointed social, political and comedic undertones. Sequel will undoubtedly carry the same aesthetic, youthfulness and cutting-edge humor under his judiciously playful producing wing.




As current  EVP for Joe Dante’s company, Renfield Productions, Mark Alan has produced the multi award-winning feature Dark starring Alexandra Breckenridge & Whitney Able as well as Shriekfest’s Best Horror of 2018, Camp Cold Brook starring Chad Michael Murray & Danielle Harris. He also co-produces the acclaimed Trailers From Hell series alongside some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.




British screenwriter James Moran wrote the movies Severance, Cockneys Vs Zombies, Tower Block, and TV episodes of Doctor Who, Torchwood, Spooks (MI-5), Crusoe, Crossing Lines, Eve, and more. He has also directed short films, most recently Blood Shed starring Shaun Dooley and Sally Phillips.


renfield productions

Founded in 1978, Renfield is the partnership production company of director Joe Dante and producer Mike Finnell (Gremlins, Newsies, Teaching Mrs. Tingle). Presently joined by independent producer Mark Alan, Renfield is advancing an edgy, commercial roster of both feature and series-length projects aimed at the streaming and evolving media landscape. A legacy company, Renfield has occupied a home in every major studio in Los Angeles, most recently having settled within the historic walls of Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood.


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